Focus academy (FA) is established as a social enterprise in 2017. We firstly operated Languages training and Computers. We experienced that 80% of our students are from low income. Their parents are farmers, construction workers and non-income old age people. In order to gain the benefit from tourism growth, they need tourism skills, foreign languages and IT. Currently, tourism development in Luang Prabang brings both positive and negative. The educated and outsiders gain more than locals, especially uneducated, unskilled tourism workers, ethnic group, women and disadvantage group of people, they lack of opportunity to gain the benefit from tourism development.

“Bringing this forward we have an extension project which involves disadvantaged group of people. Whereby, an influx of hundred students will join us in the center. We are currently still scouting for students sponsors to support them meals and education expenses for materials and such. We provide them Language Training skills and send them for hospitality training, and then they can choose whatever they want to be in the future. The key to success to us is to provide ICT education and foreign languages skills for the tourism workers and students is a key for sustainable community development by encourage the locals to have a sustainable employment and generate income.